2016 competition of cookware industry analysis​

According to our analysis of competition in the industry cookware, kitchenware further market saturation, competition is still fierce, rice cooker companies to continue to eat a bowl of rice, a rice cooker can profit even as low as five cents, although prices have been so low, but 2016 shipments was disappointing, many companies hesitate to enter the transition period under disappointed.

The slow growth of the same "pot" type electric pressure cooker, casserole purple, also unpleasantness, all the rage a few years ago, pressure cookers gradually down the pace of progress, into the bucket, "price", purple like "pot" since the United States even relatively isolated event. Hence the "cold years" to describe this year's "pot" of the market situation is appropriate.

Rice cooker: share the meager profits

In China, rice cooker after 20 years of marketing, China has become one of the highest household penetration of small household electrical appliances, people, people become essential cooking appliances. Industry becomes more mature, and lack of enterprise innovation power, rice cooker companies in recent years is a sad day, rice cooker has become a veritable sunset industry.

Electric pressure cooker: the more intense price war in the Vietnam War

"A few years ago our local electric pressure cooker is very hot, in 2015 began to slowly die, now seems almost sell rice cookers, is now looking for some new point products to try." Meizhou an appliance wholesalers Mr. Zhang says. Urban Residents of Guangdong northern Guangdong, eastern Guangdong in these areas was the first users of electric pressure cooker, when seemingly overnight, we regard the rice cooker at home into the electric pressure cooker manufacturers to achieve one after another sales fairy tale.

Meticulous care products under humane: "pot" segment

To get out of limits only open blue ocean, with the transformation of the global environment for human habitation, health is a growing concern for a healthy diet and the development of cooking products have emerged. "Diet regimen meant by reasonable mix of food, nutrition and effective use of these foods can break down and lock the cooker to assist production, thereby enhancing people's own immunity and resistance to achieve the goal of health and longevity." A brand marketers said, "in fact, in Japan and South Korea, this cookware health concept has a long history!"

It is learned that hard in the diet and nutrition regulation, is due largely to the craft is not refined, but pay attention to the pursuit of healthy eating people. It is understood that manufacturers Shunde has started efforts in this regard, the company official said, "healthy diet is the best way, we appeared in the series and beauty go together through the development and marketing of Society" three high "products Meanwhile, we specially developed for the different series a complete recipe Daquan, so the consumer is very convenient to use. "the person in charge of the meticulous product so special, is certainly present in the market.