Electric pressure cooker version soft bread​


Baking the road some time ago everyone in the sun bread, incredibly itchy, suffer no oven, slow to start. That electric pressure cooker to do the cake, suddenly pop out an idea in the brain, since it can do cake, bread is not impossible ah? Nazan quickly try! First with the family of ordinary flour, throw beat playing more than an hour and have not seen the legendary film gloves, the results do come out like bread buns. For who can eat the goods, Zenken let go, after analysis of the reasons that try to buy high gluten flour. Also not to mention, a success!

Tips: The water main dough is preferably added in portions, because various different water-absorbent flour can be replaced by an equal amount of milk can be replaced with the same amount of butter, corn oil, because the child does not like dad butter taste so use corn oil pressure cookers exhaust valve must be open, otherwise the bread will be issued after the brush can not afford to call a good pressure cooker liner can sprinkle a layer of sesame oil, baked bread will be more fragrant, let cool and put the forgotten sealed, bread will softer