Electric pressure VS cooker pressure cooker​

After the urban white-collar alike, the end of a busy day of work, dragged his exhausted body home, but also to prepare dinner, not only lack of time, there is no extra energy to cook, so it would be instant urban white their only option, but for a long time to eat fast food bad for your health, then we in the end how to solve this problem? now, the domestic well-known brand Supor given the answer, just recently, Kyrgyzstan intended to launch a cooking faster than electricity pressure cooker faster than 54% of the pressure quickly spin Qiao Yi pot, this pressure cooker for cooking only a few minutes to eat food.

It is understood, Qiao Yi fast spin pot pressure using screw type double short handle design, easy screwed, easy storage, especially hand-touch open and close the cover guidelines, design is more intimate. Qiao Yi fast spin pot pressure to adapt to the fast-paced urban life, innovative 100kpa speed pressurized system, the food cooking temperature increased from 108 ℃ to 120 ℃, higher cooking temperature, natural ingredients speed faster, and food and nutrition reserved more comprehensive. It is worth mentioning that, in such a high-pressure situation, Qiao easy to use spin physics "elastic principle" to ensure their safety during use, it is understood that once the pot pressure exceeds safe limits, expand into the pot instantly deflated state in order to achieve timely and quickly release the pressure purpose, so that we more at ease and safety during use.

Qiao Yi fast spin pot pressure there, so fast-paced urban office workers to get rid of the shackles of fast food, can quickly make a healthy and tasty meals for their busy work, so that their quality of life improved.